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Woodside Men’s Commercial League

About:  The 2017 Woodside Men’s Commercial League is a 9 hole match-play league that consists of 24 corporately sponsored teams.  The league is divided into 2 divisions of 12 teams each.  Teams compete on a weekly basis, playing a total of 11 regular season games that determine playoff seeding.  Each team employs 4 players each league night to compete in individual 9 hole match-play matches where both individual points and wins and losses are used to derive team points.  A double elimination playoff format is employed to determine the winners of each division.  These champions are awarded the prestigious Barry McElligott Memorial Trophy.  Additionally, the regular season overall points champion is honoured with the opportunity to select the charity of choice, whom will receive a portion of the league proceeds each season.

When:  Monday’s – 5:30pm

Registration:  Team Registration Fee $500 – Due Monday, May 1st, 2017   *NO NEW TEAMS WILL BE ADDED IN 2017*

Weekly Fees:  Public $35  |  Flex Pass Holders $25  |  Shareholder Members $10  (*Includes Prize Fees – Cart Rentals – Green Fees)

Captain’s Meeting:  Monday, April 3th, 2017 – 7:00pm in the Woods Dining Room at Woodside Golf Course  (*Mandatory – all teams must have a representative present)

Schedule:  Coming Soon


It would be nice to have results posted to web site a lot quicker than last year. If they can print same day , why can’t one more step be followed and sent as e mail as quick as printed..

Dave – under the old system we printed unofficial results the night of the event and audited them before posting. We will be discussing changes to the scoring at the Captains Meeting that will result in instance posting. See you Monday!

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