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Incredibly good times result in stories that are shared over and over with friends. We invite you to join us in the creation of a new story. A story that includes moments that are so exceptional, so sweet, so funny that they leave an impression that lasts forever. 525 Restaurant and Patio is poised to redefine entertainment in dining. Our relaxed culinary experience remains a key focus of our delivery – never take yourself too seriously as we like to say!

“Deliciously Outrageous” means more to us than just your gastronomical experience. It’s about producing something so different and so exhilarating that your visits result in memories that are shared in stories time and time again.

Our Advantages

Daily delivery

525 Restaurant & Patio is intent on ensuring that we have the freshest ingredients from which to build our culinary creations. Each menu item has a story and the story starts with fresh, quality and locally sourced foods. Our suppliers provide us with daily delivery to ensure that we are able to pass on only the best to our guests. Fresh, not frozen, goes into our menu items.

Fresh ingredients

Fresh NOT Frozen is the foundation of our menu. Our team of culinary professionals are passionate about their food and they want to share that with you. While others cut corners we are focused on using fresh ingredients and in-house recipes. You can be confident that your meal was made to order.

Local suppliers

Supporting local Alberta businesses is important to us. Whether it’s sourcing the best Alberta Beef or sampling the latest craft beer creations from Calgary based breweries, we shop locally when we can.

Natural foods

“Natural Foods” do not contain any food additives such as hormones, antibiotics, colours or flavourings that were not originally in the food.



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